People use search to solve a problem. They need help and they turn to search to get that help. When a searcher can’t find your page, for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t exist, which means they’re not getting the help they need. Worse, that’s not a search problem; it’s a content problem. Here are a few reasons why findability is important for your pages.

  • Poor findability wastes your time—and your searchers’. You spend time and energy creating content and managing your page. And, even if you’re providing fantastic information, if no one can find your page, all your effort is wasted. Additionally, you’re wasting your searchers time when they go looking for a page that simply can’t be found. Multiply the time spent by searcher over the course of a year looking for the right answer to their problem and you’ll see an enormous amount of waste across your organization. But it doesn’t need to be that way. In addition to creating great content, focus some of your efforts on making that content easy to find. Review “How Do I Optimize My Pages Search ranking?” for more ideas and information on improving findability for your pages.
  • Poor findability limits your searcher’s effectiveness. Further compounding the problem, searchers who struggle to find what they’re looking for often use search less frequently and are more inclined to mistrust the results they do receive. As such, a single failed query can begin to drive your searchers away from search. This may result in even less productivity for the overall organization as searchers don’t know where to turn with their questions. Again, you can prevent this from becoming a problem by putting as much emphasis on findability as you do on content creation.
  • Poor findability reduces your content’s value. You know how much work goes into creating and maintaining your content–that is the cost of the content. If searchers can’t find your content, fewer people will benefit from it. People who absolutely need your content–people that you wrote the content for–won’t ever see your content, which means it is delivering less value. Costs the same but less value is not a recipe for a successful business investment. Don’t be surprised if content budgets are always under attack because management doesn’t see the value of content hidden under a bushel basket. Make your content findable and unlock its full value to your audience.

Your searchers need answers to their questions. When those answers aren’t apparent, it wastes time and money—including your’s and your team’s—poor findability also hurts searchers’ overall effectiveness, causing frustration for all involved. Your pages’ findability is very important to help your searchers’ accomplish their goals and keep your business on track to reach its goals, too.

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