Your page might provide excellent content to help searchers meet their needs. But if it doesn’t appear within the search results, very few users will ever find it. Review the following steps when your page doesn’t appear within the the search results to correct any problems and provide your searchers with the content they need:

  • Your page is missing relevant keywords in its metadata or content. Search engines rely on keywords within your page to understand what your page is about–not just within the main body, but also within the page title, heading tags, and keywords and description metatags. For more on how to correct this issue, see “How Do I Optimize My Page for Search Ranking?”
  • The search engine spider cannot crawl your page. Pages with ill-formed HTML, JavaScript errors, or using proprietary technologies such as Flash sometimes can prevent search engine spiders from reading their content. Ensure that your page uses valid, well-formed HTML and doesn’t suffer from any errors in its coding. Review your page against your internal web standards or those published by the W3C and correct any errors.
  • Your page must be submitted to the search index. Some search engines require manual submission of the page’s URL prior to the first crawl or only list pages provided on a “push model” (i.e., those that have been manually submitted). Review your company’s standards regarding search index submission and follow any necessary steps to submit your content.
  • Your page duplicates existing content within the search index. Review the other pages appearing within the search results to ensure that your content doesn’t substantially duplicate existing content or appear under another URL. If you find that you offer duplicate content, see “How Do I Deal with Duplicate Content?”
  • Consult with your internal search team. Your central search team can assist you with your needs. In addition to the information previously outlined, work with them to identify and resolve any issues that prevent your page from appearing within the search results.

Searchers need your content to help them solve their problems. If your page doesn’t appear in the search results, don’t panic. Follow the steps outlined above to ensure your content appears within the search results and helps your searchers meet their needs.

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