Titles represent one of the single most important element of your page for search engines and searchers alike. The title helps the search engine to know what your page is about, while providing searchers a quick understanding of whether your page meets their needs. The title tag also provides the actual verbiage searchers will see as a link within the search results. Review your page titles against the following steps to ensure they’re doing all they can to help both your search engine and searchers meet their needs.

  1. Create a unique title for every page. Each page you create must have its own unique title. Duplicate or substantially similar titles can confuse the search engine and searchers at to which page best meets their needs, hurting ranking and clickthrough. Write a distinct page title that clearly explains the purpose of your page and differentiates it from other pages within the results.
  2. Include relevant keywords. As with many aspects of optimizing your page, you must begin by understanding which keywords you expect your page to rank for. Include the most relevant of those keywords within your page title, while not exceeding more than 60 characters of length. For more on this topic, see “How Do I Optimize My Page Title to Improve Search Ranking?”
  3. Ensure title readability. A strong title can tell your searcher at a glance exactly what they can expect to find when clicking through to your page. That same clarity helps your search engine determine what your page is about. Work to craft titles that clearly and accurately describe what’s on your page to improve both ranking and clickthrough. For more tips on improving readability and driving clickthrough, see “How Do I Optimize My Page Title to Improve Clickthrough?”

Your page title plays a crucial role in describing your page for your search engine and for your searchers. A strong title will help improve your page’s ranking, your clickthrough rate, and, most importantly, your searcher’s satisfaction.

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