Page titles play a crucial role in helping searchers identify whether your page meets their needs. They must clearly indicate that your page is the right answer to a searcher’s question and entice the searcher to click—and must do all of this using only about 55 characters. Take a look at the following steps if you’re looking to optimize your page title to improve clickthrough.

  1. Follow best practices for page title optimization. The page titles you write typically appear within search engine results as the link your searcher will click. The same best practices that help improve your ranking also provide a clear indication to the searcher that your page represents the best answer to their search. Among others, these include including relevant keywords near the beginning of your page titles and creating unique titles for every page. Review “How Do I Optimize My Page Title to Improve Search Ranking?” to see what makes an effective title for both search engines and searchers alike.
  2. Focus on the keywords you’ve selected. Given the number of characters you have to work with when crafting your page titles, it’s critical you’ve selected the most relevant keywords for each page to help searchers determine if your page is the right answer for their needs. For more information on this topic, see “How Do I Know What Keywords Searchers Use?”
  3. Test changes and track your results. A page that no one clicks on—whether you appear in search or not—represents wasted time and energy. Track your clickthrough rate over time and review its progress as you test changes to your description metatag as well as other page elements such as your content and description metatag.

Clickthrough is a key measure of whether your page helps your searchers find the answers they need. Providing a clear, helpful page title is critically important in assisting searchers with their query. Work to optimize your page title to improve clickthrough rate. And be sure to track your results over time to drive success for both your page and your searchers.

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