While it may seem that your page’s description metatag exists solely to help search engines find your content, a well-written, well-structured description metatag also can help improve clickthroughs by showing searchers that your page will serve their needs. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your page’s description to improve clickthrough rates.

  1. Answer searchers’ key questions. Simply appearing high in the search results doesn’t guarantee searchers will choose your page (for more information on what to do if you’re not appearing in the search results, take a look at “How to Optimize My Page Description Metatag to Improve Search Ranking”). Use your description metatag to provide a quick, clear overview of the questions your page will answer. Highlight what your searchers can expect to find. Make sure to include relevant keywords, but also focus your efforts around readability to ensure your searchers can quickly understand the information your page provides.
  2. Provide a clear “call-to-action.” In some cases, it’s entirely appropriate to ask your searchers to click within the context of the description metatag. Verbiage like “Click here to learn more,” “Download the whitepaper here,” or “View the video here” can encourage searchers to take action and also provide key insights into what they can expect in return for their click.
  3. Test changes and track your results. A page that no one clicks on—whether it appears in search or not—represents wasted time and energy. Track your clickthrough rate over time and review its progress as you test changes to your description metatag as well as other page elements such as your content and title tag.

Clickthrough is a key measure of whether your page helps your searchers find the answers they need. Providing a clear, helpful description metatag plays a key role in aiding searchers with their query. Work to optimize your description to improve clickthrough and track your results over time to drive success for both your page and your searchers.

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