SoloSegment provides SearchBox to help your content owners analyze the usage and effectiveness of your website search facility. To enable SearchBox on your website, you will need to embed a JavaScript file on all your webpages. This file does two things: it identifies your unique website and enables the activity metrics to be collected when your searchers use your website search and interact with the subsequent search results.

The JavaScript file will be provided to you by your SoloSegment Account Manager, who you can also contact for further guidance.

SoloSegment’s Solutions Engineers will then complete the installation process by developing a custom precursor configuration for your JavaScript. Data will not be collected until the configuration is complete. Please do not complete the configuration yourself with the self-service resources found in this knowledgebase.

Placing the SearchBox Collector on Your Website

Your account manager should have provided you with your customized JavaScript code source URL that serves as your SearchBox Collector. Place that code or reference to the code as close to the top of the HTML of your website (or websites) as possible, such as in the <header> or at the top of the <body>.

The earlier the JavaScript loads on the page, the better, as it will capture the most accurate analysis possible of your website search data. If the page load time is delayed or the JavaScript is not loaded immediately, early user transactions may not be analyzed.

Below is example code of the optimal placement for the JavaScript file.

 <script type="text/javascript" src="/URL/to/SearchBox.js"></script>

Note: We recommend that users of SearchBox install our JavaScript directly on their website. Many website owners may opt to install the JavaScript through third-party technologies, such as Google Tag Manager, but please be aware that certain browser adblockers may block these tracking managers, which will prevent the loading of our JavaScript and subsequent data collection.

Your account manager will contact you for assistance if there are elements of your website search facility that require additional configuration with SoloSegment’s solutions engineers.