When searchers are presented with search results, they then must select a page with the content that is most relevant to their needs. To improve chances of clickthrough on a specific page, take a look at the following tips and determine which steps are applicable.

  1. Optimize several elements that are associated with the page. This includes a relevant page title, a compelling page description, and updated content. By ensuring that the crucial parts of your page are in line with searcher’s expectations, you can increase the likelihood of clickthrough. You can review suggestions for these elements at a more in-depth level by checking how “How Do I Optimize My Page For Clickthrough?
  2. You can target your URL directly to improve Keyword URL clicks. Searchers will often evaluate a page’s URL to see if it might answer what they are looking for. Check out “How Do I Optimize URL Readability For My Page?” on how to improve your page’s address.