If you’ve written many web pages, you might find it odd to consider the purpose of your page, but it is a key component of findability. When you write web pages, especially when you do it routinely, sometimes you  just start writing the direction of your message without thinking clearly about your reader and the precise question they have on their minds.

When you write with findability in mind, you need to think specifically about the single question that your page answers. By rigorously sticking to that subject, you tightly focus your page so that it is 100% about your subject, with no extraneous information that sends the search engine on the wrong track.

In this knowledgebase, we’ve actually titled our articles as the very questions they are designed to answer, but you don’t have to go that far. Just knowing your focus helps you stay on topic and keep the page as short as possible while still answering the question. In addition to the single question, think about which words should be used because they might be parts of other questions–related questions that contain a few different words.

By sticking to a single purpose–answering a single question–you might find yourself writing less, which can be OK. If you need to go deeper or into related areas, you can link to other pages that answer those deeper and related questions. Don’t overextend the page by creeping into new areas and diluting its original purpose. That will just confuse the search engine and make the page harder to find for its true purpose.

When the search engine correctly reads your signals and it learns what your page is about, it will be more likely to rank your page highly in the search results when searchers ask the very question you wrote the page for. Yes, you need to optimize titles and write good descriptions, but you must also write clearly about a single constrained subject for search engines to know what your page is about.

When you write, don’t be distracted from the basic purpose of your page. Don’t stray from the one thing–the one question your page must answer. If you follow that advice, your pages will be found when searchers share the same purpose you do.